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The Canadian Shield Foundation was created in 1984 to assist organizations and individuals who aim to protect Canada's unique ecological region: the Canadian Shield.  The Canadian Shield Foundation supports field research relating to the ecology (flora, fauna etc.) of the Precambrian Shield region of Canada. Practical and applied research projects relating to the challenges of resource use and non-sustainability of fossil fuels are also eligible for grant support depending on funds available.  Grants may be available if you meet the eligibility requirements.

Goals of the Canadian Shield Foundation

  • Protection of the flora and fauna of the vast Canadian Shield
  • Encouragement of alternative energy research
  • Support of climate change initiatives
  • Promotion of a culture of environmental education

Grant Application Process

We encourage your application for a grant.

The project must meet our goals and have a direct association with the Canadian Shield region.

Applications may be submitted at any time and are to include a written description of the project including financial information, timelines and any supporting information.

Grant applications are reviewed quarterly; all applicants will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of their application.

Submit applications by email here.

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